Good Medicine Saddle Blanket


Good Medicine saddle blanket. High quality, tight weave New Zealand wool. 34″ x 38″

*Blankets are handmade. Color or pattern may vary slightly.

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The Reinmaker show pad is a medium weight woven wool pad that will frame the largest Western saddle. Each pad is made of 100% handwoven New Zealand wool with a combination of Native American symbols and patterns. Wool naturally conforms to the horse’s back for a non-slip security and naturally wicks moisture away from the back, keeping horses much cooler. The longer drop displays attached show numbers clearly. The pad is heavy enough to be used alone or over a protective pad.

Handwoven from 100% New Zealand Wool
Beautiful combination of Native American symbols and patterns
Use alone or over a protective or therapeutic pad
Frames the largest Western saddle
Longer drop displays attached pad numbers clearly
Size: 38″ Width x 34″ Length
Weight: 5 lbs.