Professional Choice Slide Tec Skid Boots


Equiped with VenTECH™ technology, Slide-Tec Skid boots extend lower to cover the pastern and bulb of the horse’s heel, keeping dirt from penetrating the boot and causing burns during sliding stops or tight turns. Ventilated limestone-based neoprene conforms to your horse, allows heat and moisture to escape, and keeps your horse cool, comfortable, and performing at its best. They’re strong but flexible, ensuring optimal protection of the fetlock and surrounding area. A padded leather patch on the inside of the fetlock and cannon bone protects from interference. Recessed threads on the skid cup won’t wear out or be cut when sliding. Radius-cut straps are easier to grip and apply and have a finished appearance. Hook fasteners adjust to fit almost any horse. Sold in pairs.


Exclusive ventilated limestone-based neoprene keeps your horse cool and comfortable
Adjustable hook fasteners create a custom fit for any horse
Lycra binding keeps dirt out and prevents burns during sliding stops or tight turns
Improved design provides rear leg protection from the bulb to above the fetlock
Superior quality and comfort
Suitable for any Western discipline
Item Specifications:
Short: 10.5″ tall; provides rear leg protection from the bulb of the heal to just above the fetlock
Standard: 13.5″ tall; provides three more inches of protection up the cannon bone

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